‘Taniwha tax’ to get airing

Auckland's so-called “taniwha tax' is the topic of a discussion forum being held in Auckland this Wednesday.

LATEST'Up to 18,000 properties affected by taniwha tax'

Auckland’s so-called “taniwha tax’ is the topic of a discussion forum being held in Auckland this Wednesday.

It is being held by the Auckland Property Investors’ Association, Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance, Democracy Action and New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union. (See report attached below)

It features a briefing paper about Auckland Council’s new Mana Whenua rules – requiring anyone seeking resource or building consents to seek reports from iwi about what Auckland Council staff call “metaphysical” heritage.

“The report will reveal to the public what some of New Zealand’s best known corporations have been saying behind closed doors, and what their PR departments may not want you to know,” is the teaser for the forum.

NZ Taxpayers' Union executive director Jordan Williams says the problem is not about consultation but about the assessments that may be required. He says they cost householders about $4000 each and more for corporations.

“Auckland Council says few are being required. The trouble is, they tell applicants they must go and ask iwi if they are required.

“They not only cost money but can also take weeks and months for the reports to be completed.

“We’ve gone through many of the submissions to the council’s long-term plan which highlight the issues.

“Even the Archaeological Association says they are not necessary to protect heritage.

“It’s all based around make-believe. You could substitute the word taniwha with Easter bunny.”

The forum will be held on level 9 of the Crombie Lockwood tower at 191 Queen St at 10.30am tomorrow (Wednesday).

RAW DATA: Auckland 'Taniwha Tax' briefing paper (PDF here)

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