CERA reveals more buildings to bulldoze

The Canterbury Eearthquake Recovery Authority has identified more buildings to be demolished for its rebuilding plan

The near-new Calendar Girls building in Christchurch will be destroyed to make way for open space.

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority today revealed its final decisions on several properties required for its central city rebuild “vision”.

A problem has been lifted from the shoulders of Rich Lister Simon Henry whose new Inland Revenue building will also be acquired by the Crown and go under the wrecker’s ball.

Mr Henry told NBR ONLINE recently that the building was possibly repairable but he had been unable to make progress in negotiations with insurers until Cera made up its mind on whether it wanted the building or not.

The area is designated for the “frame” of a residential precinct which requires green spaces, a Cera spokesman says.

But the fate of one of the city’s last functioning heritage buildings – the Ng building in Madras St - is yet to be determined depending on the final shape of a rugby stadium destined for the precinct.

The Les Mills Gym and its eastern car park has been spared, but the gymnasium’s western car park will be taken.

Similarly, the Christchurch Club will not be acquired, but a 3m strip on the boundary of its western car park will be taken to create public space.

Other properties to go include the Orion site and MED building on Madras and Manchester Sts respectively, and the i-Stay Apartments on Cashel Street, which remained intact during the earthquakes.