Criminal proceeds and employment relations feature in private bills

Parliament pulls two new private members' bill from the ballot box.

A private member's bill ensuring proceeds of crime spent in, and laundered through, casinos are returned to those stolen from is one of two drawn from the parliamentary ballot.

They were the only two drawn from a record number of 69.

The topics ranged from a plain language bill and a New Zealand flag bill to more economy-focused ones such as the Reserve Bank of NZ (essential financial services) amendment bill and the minimum wage (contractor remuneration) amendment bill.

There was also a euthanasia-focused end of life choice bill put up by Labour’s Maryan Street and Jacinda Adern’s child poverty reduction and eradication bill.

Greens’ co-leader Metiria Turei had her criminal proceeds (recovery) act 2009 (application to casinos) amendment bill pulled from the ballot.

The bill is an amendment to the principal act and would specifically include casinos in the recovery of criminal proceeds.

Rino Tirikatene’s employment relations (protection of young workers) amendment bill was also drawn.

The amendment would ensure all teenagers aged 16 and under have all the rights of workers.

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