Final America's Cup bases location agreed

Final location for America's Cup bases agreed.

An application for resource consent for America’s Cup team bases at Viaduct Events Centre, an extended Hobson Wharf and Wynyard Wharf will be lodged with Auckland Council early next month.

The final agreement on the design was made yesterday, with just Auckland Council’s governing body to now sign it off when it meets on Thursday.

The projected $212 million cost for the bases saves ratepayers $50m, Economic Minister David Parker claims.

Known as Wynyard-Hobson, the bases' location evolved from several options on the table and Team New Zealand will be based in the Viaduct Events Centre, Luna Ross on Hobson Wharf and the rest of the syndicates on Wynyard Wharf.

It involves a 6600sq m extension of Hobson Wharf and removal of the southern part of the tank farm at Wynyard Point.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says the final option is more straightforward to consent, will be quicker to construct and creates a positive legacy for Auckland.

Agreed final location for America's Cup bases.

Funding has been agreed and expected contributions are $114m from the Crown including a $40m host contribution fee, and $98.5m from the council.

The funding agreement also sets out key financial reporting milestones, governance processes and other safeguards for the government and council’s investment.

Team New Zealand chief executive Grant Dalton says it has been a complex and time-consuming process. “It is pleasing that all parties have seen the collective benefit of the innovative base proposal put forward by Team New Zealand late last week.

“Excitingly, what we have in the agreements is essentially the start of the event build,” Mr Dalton says.

“In saying this, there isn’t time to celebrate, the clock has been ticking for the past nine months and there is a huge amount to organise and build in a very tight timeline.”

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