Flavell an obstacle to a Mana Maori merger - Harawira

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira has effectively dismissed a Mana-Maori merger if Te Ururoa Flavell replaces Pita Sharples as Maori Party leader.

Mr Harawira said he does not get on with Mr Flavell.

"Te Ururoa and I used to get on quite well before politics,” he said on TV3's The Nation.

Mr Harawira said Mr Flavell also lacks the leadership qualities that his two other Maori Party colleagues in parliament have.

"He's a work horse. He's a guy who follows and does what he's told, but in leadership you've got to have charisma, you've got to have positivity,you've got to show leadership."

"He's not you know the pleasant positive face that Pita is, but neither does he have the kind of steel that Tariana has,” he said.

Mr Harawira is not completely ruling out a merger with the Maori Party, he is willing to work with them as long as they refuse to enter a coalition with National.

"I still think the issue is going to be Maori Party moving away from National, and if they move away from National they clearly move closer to Mana, and that opens the door for Mana Maori," said Mr Harawira.

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