Larger screen iPhone on the way

Apple strikes back against super-size Androids.

Apple will launch a larger screen iPhone later this year, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The Journal says Apple suppliers are experimenting with different displays, but a 4-inch model is likely.

Unlike a small army of blogs, which have a mixed record (a tear-drop shaped, iPhone 5, anyone?), the Journal has a history of accuracy revealing Apple's next move.

iPhone sales continue to go gang-busters, with the handset selling 35.1 million during the March quarter.

But today's models, with their 3.5-inch screens, look increasingly puny next to the super-size displays sported by high-end Androids.

One of Apple's highest profile competitors in the Google Android camp, Samsung, is just weeks away from releasing the Galaxy S III (see NBR preview here), which boasts a 4.8-inch screen - upping the ante from the S II's 4.2-inch display, and the recently released 4.7-inch HTC One X (see NBR review here).

Sony, Huawei and other Android makers also have jumbo screen models on the way.

Apple is likely not worried about cut-price Androids driving up the rival platform's market share (now handily ahead of iPhone by most counts).

But CEO Tim Cook could be nervous about premium Androids like the Galaxy SIII eating away at the top end.

So, watch this space ... or this screen, so to speak.

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