Lombard directors pay up

Sir Douglas Graham and Lawrie Bryant had until 5pm yesterday to pay $100,000 each as part of their sentences. 

Convicted former Lombard Finance directors Sir Douglas Graham and Lawrie Bryant have met the deadline to make $100,000 reparation payments.

Both men had until 5pm yesterday to pay the reparation into Wellington High Court, and this was done, a court official confirmed to NBR ONLINE. 

In March, Bryant and Sir Douglas, godfather to Bryant's government spin-doctor son Nicholas, were sentenced along with fellow directors Bill Jeffries and Michael Reeves for their part in the collapse of the finance company in 2008.

As well as being ordered to pay reparation, company chairman Sir Douglas and Bryant, a former royal spin doctor at Buckingham Palace, were sentenced to do 300 hours' community service.

The Financial Markets Authority is appealing the non-custodial sentences handed down to the former directors, while the directors are also appealing their convictions.  

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