Fullers to investigate ferry accident

Police say about 20 injured.
Auckland ferry operator Fullers Group has released a statement in response to an accident at Devonport Wharf.
The transport company has confirmed 61 people were on board the ferry and 12 were injured.
Although NZ Police said the cause of the accident is likely to be mechanical failure, Fullers says details are still emerging.
"We will be conducting our own investigation and working with the Maritime Safety Authority to determine what happened," it says in a statement.
EARLIER 12PM: Mechanical failure likely cause of ferry crash - police

Police and ambulance services are at Devonport Wharf in central Auckland where a Fullers passenger ferry has crashed. 

Police say 20 people are thought to have injuries.

There are conflicting reports as how many were sent to hospital as emergency services respond to the accident but St John Ambulance staff say four patients were transferred to North Shore Hospital with minor injuries, while police say 10 were sent to hospital. 

Police say the boat is damaged but still afloat.

“The cause of the collision will be investigated but early indications are that it is the result of a possible mechanical failure.”

Four ambulances were sent out to the Fuller’s Ferry which eye witnesses report was carrying about 40-60 passengers.

Fullers general manager Tim Palmer was not immediately available for comment.


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