Mountain Dew chases youth (WITH VIDEO)

PepsiCo’s Frucor marketing has seen a jolt of new life over the past three years by targeting youth markets with brands such as V Energy.

The sub-brand Mountain Dew has been following in the energy drinks’ stead, targeting young skateboarders for the past five years.

It is rolling out its new campaign, “To get to easy, you have to go through hard.”

The campaign is being executed across several mediums – outdoor, print, digital, social and TV – but it has a clever marketing stunt up its sleeve.

Through its advertising partners Colenso BBDO and Finch, Mountain Dew has created exclusive skateboards that reveal a message as the user removes the paint on the bottom of the deck by grinding.

Frucor Beverages commercial development director Aisha Daj Punga says Mountain Dew has aspirations to be an urban brand and fits well with people who fuel their passion, such as skateboarders.

“When we were thinking about the target audience or consumer insight we were looking for proof points to demonstrate that to get to easy, you have to go through hard,” she says.

“Finch came to us with the boards as a good proof point of our campaign ... So every time you skate and show how hard you’ve been going, you actually get to see the logo.”

Colenso BBDO head of activation and PR Paul Gunn says, “The idea is a celebration of the attitude that puts you in harm’s way, chasing that fleeting moment of glory. It’s the reason you get up every time you fail.”

The first TVC released has over 400,000 views on YouTube. (See video below)

The campaign, which has seven different pieces of content, has been running since August and will go through to November.