NBR Weekend Rumble: Should euthanasia be legalised, crime and punishment and eco-terrorism

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NBR journalists Calida Smylie, Hamish McNicol, Nick Grant, Deborah LaHatte, Jason Walls and an unnamed lurker… later revealed to be NBR’s publisher Todd Scott, toss around some of the week’s more challenging, serious, interesting stories.

This week, the Rumble discussed euthanasia and its place in modern day society.

This follows ACT MP and leader David Seymour’s launching of a private member’s bill he says is intended to “give people with a terminal illness or a grievous and irremediable medical condition the option of requesting medical aid in dying.”

The bill is called End of Life Choice Bill.

The merits of the bill and the arguments of the ethics of euthanasia were debated but it was Mr Seymour’s captaining of the ACT party ship that became the point of contention.

One Rumbler remarked Mr Seymour’s political activity as of late has been good for the party.

Mr Seymour’s championing of the ‘booze bill,’ his stance on paid parental leave and his enthusiasm for the addition of the “Red Peak” flag would seem to have breathed new life into the party.

But, the latest poll numbers show that Mr Seymour’s position on these issues has equated to exactly no more support.

The latest Roy Morgan poll puts ACT unchanged at 0.5%.

To continue the “gravy train of happiness,” as one Rumbler remarked, the issue of rehabilitation in prisons arose.

“It’s got to be rehabilitation ultimately. Otherwise, what are you doing? Just locking them up and making them angrier and more antisocial, then putting them out on the street again – it’s ridiculous” says one Rumbler.

It's not surprising as it has dominated headlines in recent months, prison operator Serco effectiveness in this matter came into question.

“When it comes to punishment or rehabilitation of citizens, that is the role of the state. I believe it’s slavery if private industries are doing it,” another Rumbler says.

Finally, the 1080 scare. What were the motivations behind the decision for the accused to threaten to poison retail supplies of infant formula destined for the Chinese market and one other market with 1080 unless the government stopped using it for forest pest control?

The Rumble discusses this and the government’s response to the issue.  

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