New Fonterra scare - Sri Lankan recall as DCD contamination alleged

The Sri Lankan health ministry forces a recall of two batches of Anchor products.

Fonterra's DCD scare has re-emerged, with Sri Lanka's health ministry forcing a recall of Fonterra products.

The DCD issue – small traces of the nitrogen-inhibiting chemical dicyandiamide found in some New Zealand dairy products late last year – was made public in January, sparking questions overseas about the safety of New Zealand's dairy products.

As reported by NBR ONLINE in May, Sri Lanka's government banned DCD and demanded importers certify their products do not contain the chemical.

That reputation took a further blow this week with the still unfolding botulism scare.

Reports from Sri Lanka on Friday stated three unnamed milk food companies had been ordered to remove milk powders found to contain DCD, after testing by the country's Industrial Technology Institute (ITI).

Fonterra confirmed today it had been ordered by Sri Lanka's Ministry of Health to recall two batches of products tested by ITI last month – and to clarify a blanket ban has not been slapped on Anchor products in Sri Lanka.

In a statement released to NBR ONLINE, Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka managing director Leon Clement said: "While independent and internationally accredited labs have carried over 200 tests on our Fonterra consumer branded products in Sri Lanka and found no traces of DCD, we are complying with this directive and removing this small amount of product from retail shelves."

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