Running with Scissors going Green

Running With Scissors are painting themselves Green for the election campaign.

Running With Scissors are painting themselves Green for the election campaign.

Green party campaign manager Megan Salole said strategy and planning is done in-house with a team of volunteers and the party were keen to use an agency with a collaborative approach.

“We’ve developed a platform for the elections which is about clean, green prosperity for all New Zealanders and we really want people to understand our relationship to the economy.

“We’re going to be expressing that in terms of the promises that we are coming out with.

Ms Salole won’t reveal too much before the campaign is revealed, partly because they need to react to current events which may see them adapt the campaign.

“We have a global financial crisis offending on us, and we want to make ourselves as relevant as possible.”

“A pressure point that everyone’s grappling with is what’s the appropriate relationship to have with an economy in these times?”

The 2008 campaign, run by Special Group won awards for an image of a girl in front of Rangitoto with the words “vote for me.”

“It communicated so much with three words,” said Ms Salole.

“We have the highest regard for Special because that work was just outstanding.”

“It was about shifting our identity and making people understand the connection we have and our priorities.

She said social media is an important part of the campaign, because it helps form direct, unmediated relationships and promotes discussion.

They are also using it internally to strengthen the party’s volunteer base.

She said it is funded by private donations and the party doesn’t have any corporate backers, “that’s not our style.”

Running with Scissors would not comment “given the nature of the work.”