A year in the life of Richie McCaw to hit big screen in 2016

Kiwi film-makers Michelle Walshe and Justin Pemberton followed the All Black captain's final year. 

The producers of a new feature film on Richie McCaw have released the first teaser trailer

The doumentary has been in production for the past 14 months but this is the first time it has been publicised.

Filming has been completed and the feature-length film is in post-production ahead of its cinema release next year.

It follows the All Blacks captain's final 365 days as the most capped rugby player of all time attempts to pull-off his most ambitious goal yet – to end his career by becoming the first person to captain back-to-back World Cup wins.

McCaw is typically modest in comments released with the film's announcement:

“I was an ordinary kid who loved playing the game of rugby and had the dream of becoming an All Black. I’ve surprised myself with what’s possible if you want something badly enough. I’ve learned a heck of a lot along the way.

"I’ve never been big on talking about myself but I hope that by sharing my story, people might be able to find something in it to help them achieve what they really want to.”

Inside Richie's head
A publicity statement says the film dives into the mind of an élite sportsman who has spent the later part of his career perfecting the mental strength needed to perform so expertly in the face of extraordinary pressure.

"We witness the world of high performance sport through the eyes of this legendary player, who still sees himself as an ‘ordinary guy’ from small town New Zealand," the statement says.

Joint directors Michelle Walshe and Justin Pemberton followed McCaw with their cameras for a full year.

“Being alongside Richie for the past year has been an incredible journey and we are excited to be able to bring his remarkable story to life on the big screen," they say.

"His story transcends sport and shows us much about the power of determination and mastering the potential of the human mind."

The Richie McCaw film is produced by Augusto with investment from the New Zealand Film Commission, Woodward Trust and the government's Screen Production Grant with financing from Kiwibank.

It will be distributed by Transmission Films, whose joint managing directors Richard Payten and Andrew Mackie say the title will be revealed in the coming weeks. 

However, the NZ Film Commission has listed it as The End Game when it announced the funding.

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