Y&R wins HRV account

Y&R has won the HRV account after a competitive tender process against four other agencies.

Y&R have won the total HRV business after a competitive tender process against four other agencies.

The incumbent was the Brand Group and the media incumbent was Hunter Media.

HRV would use MEC, Y&R’s independent media arm for channel strategy, planning and buying, Y&R chief executive Jon Ramage said.

While Y&R would be providing HRV with strategy, creative, media, digital and direct services, there would be an increased focus on the latter two, Mr Ramage said.

The focus on direct was because HRV had a lot of customers already and a good database, and there was an opportunity to communicate with those customers directly.

He said the agency was stoked to be working with HRV, who had a fantastic product with substantial growth opportunity.

Mr Ramage said he thought the win was influenced by the agency’s recent hires, including Josh Moore as executive creative director.

HRV general manager marketing Justin Boyes said the company chose Y&R because it wanted a partner that had the necessary range of skills and expertise to drive the business to the next level.

“We have a number of very exciting initiatives planned in the coming months and Y&R will play a crucial role in bringing them to market.”

Mr Ramage could not comment on these initiatives but said HRV’s product was in a lot of people’s homes and the company could probably offer people a lot of other things.

Mr Boyes said over 110,000 homes in New Zealand had an HRV system installed.

“While home ventilation is only a young industry, it is quickly becoming recognised as an essential addition to the New Zealand home.”