ASK ME ANYTHING: 2degrees boss Stewart Sherriff

Owen Poland puts your questions to the 2degrees boss on NBR Radio.

Stewart Sherriff became 2degrees chief executive in August 2013, replacing Eric Hertz, who was killed in a light plane crash, along with his wife Kathy, in March of that year.

He was formerly chief technology officer at Trilogy International Partners, 2degrees’ majority shareholder and relocated from Chicago to Auckland to take up his new role.

Mr Sherriff has held senior roles at Trilogy and it's precursor Western Wireless since 1997. Trilogy invests in phone companies around the world. Mr Sherriff was CEO of one - Irish third mobile entrant Meteor - between 2003 and and when it was sold in 2005.

Between 1986 and 1993 he held various positions with Telstra in Australia. In the mid-1990s, before joining Western Wireless/Trilogy in the US, he worked for telcos in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

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