ASK ME ANYTHING: Jacinda Ardern

Do you want to be PM, one day? Labour high-flyer's blunt answer.   Listen to her full replies on-demand on MyNBR Radio, and in our iHeart Radio stream. 

Jacinda Ardern is next up in the AMA chair. 

As she rises in the polls, the Labour front-bencher has become favourite for deputy leader when Andrew Little reshuffles in November. 

Some see her as a future Prime Minister. Others as ... well, you know what Graham Lowe said.

During her AMA session, Ms Adern confirmed her interest in the deputy role.

But, perhaps surprisingly, that's the limit of her ambition.

Asked, "Do you want to be Prime Minister, one day?", she replied, "No. Absolutely not."

She added, "I think I was very lucky to have the experience back in the 2005 election of working in Helen Clark’s office and that really opened my eyes to what a difficult job it is. I’ve always believed the things I want to achieve in politics I can do without being in that kind of role. So I’m happy being a senior member of the Labour team. Not everyone wants to be the top dog."

Listen to the full clip to hear Ms Arden's take on Helen Clark's pro-TPP comments, Jeremy Corbyn and Phil Twyford's Chinese surname jag. She also names her favourite National MPs and and is floored, perhaps understandly, when asked one of the most disturbing questions in AMA history: "Marry, date, kill?: Matthew Hooton, Rob Hosking, David Carter".

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