ASK ME ANYTHING: Orion Health chief executive Ian McCrae

UPDATED with special feature audio: The Orion boss gives 10 quick-fire replies to 10 quick-fire questions from readers.

UPDATE: The audio is now live. Click the box above to listen to Ian McCrae's replies.

Orion Health [NZX:OHE] chief executive, co-founder and Rich Lister Ian McCrae is next up in the AMA chair — having accepted a reader's challenge to do an Ask Me Anything challenge during an exchange in comments after an NBR story last week.

With more than 1200 staff and $207 million revenue, Orion, a maker of software to wrangle patient records, is neck-and-neck with Xero for the status of New Zealand's largest software company.

Like Xero, it's made big losses (including $54 million in its annual result filed yesterday) as it prioritises global expansion over profit.

And, again like Rod Drury's outfit, its shares have been on a roller coaster ride — most recently on a strong upward path after a string of big deals. That's pushed the company's market cap above $700 million (and also boosted the chief executive's wealth; athough he has a modest Kiwi demeanor that means he would never highlight it, Mr McCrae owns 50.54% of his company's stock).j

Unlike Xero, Orion has made a profit in the past and is promising to do so again by 2018.

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