ASK ME ANYTHING: Jetstar NZ head Grant Kerr

Meeting depature times, new regional routes, how he would handle Bob Jones and his secret life as an Air NZ frequent flyer  — the airline boss answers your questions on NBR Radio.

Jetstar New Zealand head Grant Kerr is next up in the AMA chair.

To the reader question "How often do you fly Air New Zealand to check out the opposition?", his surprising answer is nearly all the time.

The airline boss commutes from Nelson to Auckland every second day, which leaves him with no choice but to travel with the opposition. And when he's in the Jetstar office, he has his desk in the crew room so he's in the thick of things as staff come in and out.

Jetstar recently launched new regional routes (no, not including Nelson). Mr Kerr says he doesn't expect them to be profitable this year. He gives them two to four years to get into the black.

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Other topics include departure-time performance, possibilities for new regional routes, and how Mr Kerr would have handled Bob Jones during the infamous ejection incident.

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