Slingshot, Orcon launching Global Mode region-switcher

CallPlus-owned Slingshot is gearing up for the March launch of Netflix NZ with a "Global Mode region switcher" service.

The region-switching function makes it easy to toggle between the US, UK, and New Zealand versions of Netflix, the company says.

CallPlus has already caused a stir with its initial Global Mode service, which makes it easy for the non-technical types to access usually geoblocked offshore content. Sky TV and MediaWorks banned ads that made mention of it, citing what they saw as potential copyright and fair trading law violations (CallPlus says it has had Global Mode legally vetted).

NBR mentioned the Slingshot region switcher to visiting Netflix chief product officer Neil Hunt. His general attitude was positive and intrigued; he thought it was probably a world-first.

Slingshot's stablemate Orcon will also get the Global Mode region swticher when it launches in March, spokesman Jeremy O'Hanlon says.


RAW DATA: Slingshot press release

Slingshot to launch Global Mode region-switcher  

Slingshot is upgrading its Global Mode service so Kiwi Netflix users can switch between regions.

The region-switching function makes it easy to toggle between the US, UK, and New Zealand versions of Netflix. 

Slingshot General Manager Taryn Hamilton says the region-switcher is designed to make it easy for people to watch content from different Netflix catalogues.

“We welcome Netflix to New Zealand. Kiwis have been singing out for this service, and it’s fantastic it’s launching.

“But because initially the Netflix New Zealand content is likely to be weaker than overseas catalogues, users will want to switch to alternative regions to get the content they want.

“That’s why we are implementing region-switching, which will allow our customers to watch a range of Netflix catalogues.”

The region switching feature will launch in March free-of-charge to Slingshot customers.

Hamilton says while a range of streaming services have launched lately, he expects Netflix to quickly become dominant, due to its ease of use, lower price, and large international catalogue accessible via Global Mode. 

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