Clinton shows she has bite in social media scrap with Trump

PLUS: Hillary's clever attack ad goes viral.

With his Winston Peters-eque instinct for populist punchlines, Donald Trump swept through the Republican primaries. But the competition wasn’t that tough. Cruz was creepy, Rubio a bumbler, and Jeb Bush seemingly bored with the whole thing.

Hillary Clinton, by contrast, fights like a wolf.

Exhibit A: last night, she unleashed an attack ad that piddles over anything attempted by Cruz & co.

It was an aggressive move to release an attack ad within hours of Trump becoming the presumptive GOP nominee.

And it didn’t hurt that the ad is also  clever, using a mashup of quotes from high-profile Republicans who’ve attacked Trump. It has already gone viral

Check it out:

Hillary (or at least her team) also got her claws out on social media.

Trump made a gormless tweet this morning NZT:

There's so much wrong with that post, from the patronising Hispanics reference to the Judith Collins-eque inability to separate family business interests from politics to the Woman's Day exclamation mark.

Arguably, Mrs Clinton should have just sat back and let others take pot shots.

But instead, minutes later, she shot back with:

Restraint is simply not the way of Twitter. I suspect there will be a real social media barney.

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