Editorial: Not our business - everyone's business

On the terrorism attack in Christchurch.
Imam Ibrahim Abdul Halim of the attacked Linwood Mosque walks with Father Felimoun El-Baramoussy, St Michael the Archangel Antiochian Orthodox Church priest to lay flowers outside the Linwood Mosque.

If New Zealanders believed we were insulated from the evil extremism surfacing elsewhere in the world, we have been shocked out of our complacency in the most horrific way.

The murders and shootings in Christchurch of so many people – 50 killed, 48 injured, including children, according to the latest police announcement – will leave families in terrible pain.

Our outrage, stunned disbelieving outrage, that this could happen here, of all places, will cast a shadow on our future for a long time.

Such human tragedy puts other concerns, such as business, in perspective.

You will probably read little about the Christchurch massacre in NBR in the next few weeks, not because the event lacks significance but because business journalism has little scope to say much useful about it.

However, where we all have a common interest, is in refusing to tolerate racist views.

Fortunately, the insanities of the Christchurch killer are rare but they are nurtured in the deluded mind by the casual, mundane racism we all encounter from time to time.

NBR has a part to play in ensuring such views receive no oxygen and was justifiably criticised after a reader’s racist comment was wrongly published.

We responded quickly on that occasion but recognise the need for greater vigilance.

Especially now.

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