NICK SHEWRING on entrepreneur's mental health

NBR Sunday Business: Andrew Patterson talks to BizDojo co-founder about coping with mental health issues.

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This week's featured guest on NBR Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson is Nick Shewring, co-founder of co-working space BizDojo.

A survey out this week, commissioned by the national co-working and collaboration provider BizDojo has shown 95% of business owner respondents believe that being an entrepreneur has affected their mental health.

The survey was of only 100 Kiwi entrepreneurs but found the well-being of 79% of its respondents had some degree of stress, 76% felt overwhelmed, and 71% experienced anxiety.

A further 59% of founders had issues with sleep, 53% identified as being depressed or severely depressed, and 13% had addictions.

Mr Shewring discusses the survey, what he did about his own mental health experiences as an entrepreneur, and the stigma that surrounds mental health.

He also says it's not just entrepreneurs dealing with these issues - a US consultancy that does roundtables for Fortune 500 companies wants him to talk to those suffering corporate burnout.

Many of the issues are the same for entrepreneurs, who also have the additional burden of financial strain, he says.