TIM WARREN on AI tools for business

Ambit co-founder discusses the growing use of artificial intelligence tools for customer service on Sunday Business With Andrew Patterson.

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This week's featured guest on NBR Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson is Tim Warren, co-founder of Ambit.

Leading technology industry forecaster Gartner estimates 85% of all customer service interactions by 2020 will be managed by chatbots rather than humans.

This means the next time a customer calls a bank or insurance company it’s very likely they will be talking to a chatbot rather than a human.

Advances in artificial intelligence are moving rapidly and in just the past few years the power and applications of this technology have grown exponentially. 

Ambit, a locally-owned artificial intelligence company that specialises in building turnkey chatbots for enterprises, both for internal use and for contact with customers.

Its technology is a blend of scripts, natural language processing, human intervention capability and structured data capture and with the ability to drive proactive interactions.

The technology was previously only available to large corporates but SMEs are now able to take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence.

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