Movie Money

July 4

The 4th film in the Despicable Me series continues to prove the franchise movie model works and Wonder Woman marks yet another impressive milestone. Find out all the details as well as which comedy has fallen falt on debut in this week's Movie Money.

June 20
Tom Cruise manages to dominate the international box office with the reboot of The Mummy, but Disney/Pixar’s latest offering in the form of Cars 3 is revving up to be a strong performer. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman continues to build its takings, breaking through the half-billion dollar mark. 


June 15
Wonder Woman continues to dominate internationally, meaning Tom Cruise's The Mummy fails to take the top spot at the box office — but it finds a favourable audience in Asia.


June 7
The release of Wonder Woman has proved female leads are a bankable entity at the box office, and New Zealand-produced and directed documentary McLaren finds an audience.  


May 31
Pirates rule the international box office once more but returns are dwindling in its country of origin, and the adaption of a '90s hit TV show struggles to stay afloat with a disappointing first weekend. 


May 24
The New Zealand box office saw four of the top five films each bringing in takings near the quarter of a million dollar mark, but the top film almost doubling that figure was a surprise that has bucked international trends.


May 17
2017 finds its first box office bomb in the form of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Meanwhile Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy: vol 2 drops as expected and Fate of the Furious accelerates to a top 10 all time spot for worldwide gross.


May 9
Another successful release from Disney's Marvel studios looks to have pushed the total of their 15 films past the $US11 billion mark, while in New Zealand an Indian film has stormed the box office despite being shown on only 26 screens.


May 4
Fast cars and space adventurers clash at the box office this week but it is a couple of ethnic films that have been the surprise hits of the weekend from both Mexican and Indian efforts. 


April 28
Universal Studios' mega hit The Fate of the Furious nearly doubles its first week's takings, and an independently-funded all-star epic registers as a certified flop.


April 19
The Fast and the Furious franchise proves it still has gas in the tank with its eighth entry into the franchise The Fate of the Furious. Despite breaking records across the globe it’s decelerated on previous entries in its homeland.