MyNBR Tags - and how to sign up for Keyword alerts

Our new website allows subscribers to add tags from any article and build up their own tailored news feed within the My NBR section.

This is available to all subscribers of the website, be that Paid content or simply email newsletters. If you have an account ensure you are logged in to the website and you will see the "+" icon next to the tags on any article, simply click that to add to your own customisable page.

You can then head over to your My NBR dashboard and you will see your "My Tags" page. You can read the most recent articles related to those tags, and also remove any unwanted tags to keep your news feed updated.

Use MyNBR Tags to track people and companies — and receive key-word email alerts

A new NBR ONLINE feature means you'll never miss a story on your business, a rival, or a company you invest in.

It works like this.

At the foot of every NBR article, there is a series of tags, typically the names of people and companies mentioned in the story, plus themes. For example:

(Click to zoom)

Simply click the "+" symbol next to a tag to add it to your MyNBR Tags list (if there's no "+", that means you've already added it).

Next head to your MyTags page via the menu top right of our home page (and doesn't Bill look happy about the latest NBR upgrade).

There, you can see stories about people and companies you've tagged, and manage your tags.

And here's the cool, new bit: you can now set up key-word email alerts for when stories about your tagged people or companies appear on NBR.

Click the mail icon to set daily or weekly frequency.


You'll receive a single daily or weekly email listing all stories about companies and people you've tagged. If you find you've gone a bit over-the-top, hit that mail icon again on your MyTags page to remove a tag from your alerts (or the "X" to delete the tag altogether).

A couple of provisos: Sorry, you can't add tags from the MyTags page; you'll have to head to a relevant story and add them from there. And I was a little ambitious a couple of months back when I raised the possibility of real-time alerts but we hope to add them in future.

You do need to be logged in to use MyTags and other MyNBR features. Register by taking a subscription or sign up to one of our free email newsletters.