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The NBR Rich List 2018

What’s the most surprising industry to have turned up a new bunch on this year’s NBR Rich List?

Find out when the latest edition of NBR’s iconic Rich List goes live on NBR.co.nz on Wednesday Aug 15.

The 2018 NBR Rich List ranks the richest New Zealanders and features the largest number of newcomers ever.

It will also spotlight our most generous philanthropists and the highest-earning Kiwi sports stars.

NBR’s award-winning editorial team, bolstered by veteran journalist Owen Poland plus valuer Neville Glaser have unearthed unexpected riches, and identified the biggest gainers and the biggest losers.

Don’t miss their findings as they reveal who’s who in the new generation of wealth.

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Find out what it takes from the largest list of newcomers ever. Who wants to be a millionaire when you can be a Rich Lister.