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News Munchies: Colenso BBDO makes a frightening fridge

Wed, 09 Jun 2010

Yeah, my fridge doesn’t do this…
Hot on the heels of Thirst Is Creepy, there’s a new gimmick for Primo and it smells awfully like Colenso BBDO. It involves a fridge that’s a little bit, erm, wrong. One side of the fridge (the pop drink side) is the Wrong Fridge and sets off mad music and lights when opened. The other side of the fridge is the Primo Side, which sounds all lovely and heavenly when opened. The two fridges are installed in a shop in Mt Eden with cameras set up to record the punters’ reactions when they dare to open Wrong Fridge. Check it out here. The insight is that after you’ve done “something awesome” you need something to help you chill out, not another sugary carbonated hit. Too right. (Just make sure you read up on somatic cell count before you buy into the dairy line wholesale, yeah?) Here’s the website, and here’s the obligatory Facebook excitement, where you can also check out the behind-the-scenes pics. Neat-oh.

Five left for the Ad Show
Speaking of Thirst Is Creepy, we’ll be checking out that insight on the Ad Show this week. There are five episodes left so if you want to get along to the show, hop to it: Wednesday 6.30pm at TVNZ’s Victoria St studios. Refreshments and entertainment provided. Clickety click click here for the web-viewing option, and if you have thoughts/hopes/dreams (or if you thought you’d have a hope, but it turns out you were dreaming), email

Jump! How high?
DDB has quietly done a piece of work for the New Zealand Olympic Committee for the Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in October this year. The keyword for the campaign – or key number, we should say – is 29028. It takes a moment to figure out that it’s not a date; in fact, it’s the height of Mt Everest. The campaign is based on Sir Edmund Hillary’s accomplishment and the hope we’ll accomplish something extraordinary at the games. Hit the website for the details, including a video, and click here for the print goodies.

Racket billboard a bit strange
Here’s a random piece of randomness: a billboard in downtown Auckland for trendalicious bar Racket. Monica Wales at Opinion Added spotted its copy-heavy oddness. “So often people make the mistake of translating a magazine ad onto a billboard or adshel – but it just doesn't work. Outdoor shouldn't be copy heavy.” The copywriting is sorta amusing, but still a bit confuzzling. Hurrr?

Hoaxes and jokers
Breakfast is the story of the day as the great joke hoax around commercial whaling is revealed. Read the Herald version here, NBR editor-in-chief Nevil Gibson’s take here, and the associated silly press release here. You can also see the footage here, although be warned, it’s a bit grim. It remains that fooling the media isn’t hard, particularly in a media environment where resources are stretched and time for fact-checking is limited. Even then, how far back can you check and when do you need to employ some trust in human beings that they’re being honest? Here’s a recent example. Droga5 launched with an announcement at the end of April. Trade media took the good word of Stone and O’Sullivan at face value that yes, indeed it was for real. Back then, the Companies Office website didn’t yet have any details on a Droga5 venture, so shareholding/directorship/existence couldn't be checked. For all we knew, the industry's favourite fishermen could've been taking us for a ride. Although the announcement was made at the end of April, it wasn’t until May 13 that the venture made it onto the Companies Office site. Now the Stone-O’Sullivan company “the Marine Project 2010” has turned into O’Sullivan Stone Limited, and Droga5 is registered, with 40% shareholding with OSS Equity (O’Sullivan and Stone). Those details weren’t around back then for public knowledge or fact-checking; but interested parties can now knock themselves out.

Allen on his bike
John Allen, director of technology at MediaWorks, will leave at the end of August for lifestyle reasons. He’ll continue to advise the company on techy projects such as the digital switchover. Mr Allen’s been at MediaWorks for 10 years. He’ll work on other commercial consulting projects “as long as it doesn’t cramp my lifestyle”.

Racy win
Hill & Knowlton has won the PR business globally for the Velux 5 Oceans, the solo round-the-world yacht race. The win comes following a competitive global tender process, at which H&K presented a “very creative pitch”, said Tim Kelly, race director of communications.

Midget nuns?
On an entirely unrelated note, I went to Sydney recently and was super impressed with the Air New Zealand on-demand entertainment offering. Four episodes of South with my hero Marcus Lush and a mainstream movie and I'm anyone's. Moreover, there were nuns on the flight on the way there – always a good sign, because you've got to figure the plane won't crash with the ladies of the Lord on board – and a midget on the way back. Excellent. Now if only Air New Zealand could arrange me some midget nuns for my next flight...

Finally, a couple of goodies if you're looking to expand your mind and escape the burden of work today. Check out TED Talks with this legendary joker, or some of the inspiring RSA Animate videos on YouTube. Snow bunnies will be stoked to see a dusting of white down to Happy Valley level, while others will be more entertained by this video of a cat riding a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Happy Wednesday. Goss, snacks, midgets to

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News Munchies: Colenso BBDO makes a frightening fridge