50 million Androids

PLUS: Device fragmentation - shocking new images.

Device fragmentation

In December last year, I did an update on a colleague's iPhone. 

The screen had cracked in a hospitality incident, but the Apple handset just kept on trucking.

Remarkably, Georgina's iPhone is still operational despite the fact - as these shocking new images reveal - the screen is now cracked right through in places, and two strands of wiring are exposed.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.


50 million Androids

We all know the smart phone market’s going off its socks.

But who’s moving the most handsets?

At its latest quarterly result, announced Wednesday NZ time Apple said it had sold

  • 20.34 million iPhones (a 142% increase over the year-ago quarter) and
  • 9.25 million iPads (a 183% increase).

That’s 29.59 million Apple iOS devices all up over the three months.

Google’s Android’s software is deployed on multiple brands of handset, making it sales numbers harder to gauge.

But we do know that at Google’s quarterly result – also announced this week – chief executive Larry Page said 550,0000 mobiles running Android are being activated by phone companies everyday.

That means over the past quarter, give or take, around 50 million Android devices have been sold over the past three months – and, certainly, it’s now topping the marketshare charts.

Both Apple and Google reported record quarterly earnings.

Nokia is near the bottom of the smartphone sales and, correspondingly, today released more rotton results. The first handsets based on its Microsoft partnership can’t come soon enough.

[UPDATE: At its quarterly result (a loss), Nokia said its smartphone sales fell to 16.7 million units. At its June quarter, BlackBerry maker RIM said it sold 13.3 milion handsets, down from 14.5 million in the previous quarter.]

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