Burger, interrupted

Cashing in my $1 Treat Me voucher.

Today - as one of 20,000 who bought $1 vouchers on Trade Me's new group buying site Treat Me yesterday - I headed up Queen Street, looking to collect my $1 burger.

In the final event, I didn't. My better half didn't think a burger was a healthy lunch choice.

But the point is, I could have. There was no queue (vouchers are valid until May 29). Here's how things looked at 12.30pm:

In fact, it was busier at Wendys just across the road ...

And at Burger King just down the block:

I'm no fast food expert, but possibly there's a message here for Burger Fuel investors.

Incidentally, my partner thought Burger Fuel a good choice for dinner – and there is a branch near our home.

But, alas, my Treat Me voucher must be used at the 291 Queen St outlet I originally chose.

I guess that's a sensible way to balance any customer rush. But ... ya boo sucks.

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