Google's browser will block ads by default: report

Fri 21 Apr 10

Desktop and mobile versions of the popular Chrome web browser will get ad-blocking built-in - and switched on by default.

If you don't understand spaghetti on pizza, you don't understand politics

Fri 7 Apr 21

US late night show has sport with our prime minister – but the pineapple pizza is a serious business.

New name, new logo

Adding insult to injury, Yahoo has a stupid name change

Tue 4 Apr 3

Is it the stupid corporate name change ever? The competition is intense.

With his travel ban blocked and his healthcare legislation pulled, Trump's presidency is off to a frustrating start

Trump's first attempt at legislation fails as Republicans pull healthcare bill

Sat 25 Mar 17

A classic illustration that whatever your system of government — first-past-the-post or MMP — you can't escape faction fighting.

Money don't matter tonight

Forbes slashes its estimate of Donald Trump's wealth

Tue 21 Mar 7

How rich is President Trump? New estimates put his wealth far below what he claims

Morgan with Trump

Surprise: Piers Morgan wrote a pretty good book


No, really.