Android user Donald Trump

Trump tells Apple CEO his company will 'build a big plant in the US'

Thu 24 Nov 26

Apple says's it's happy to continue employing 80,000 in the US – but in high-end management, marketing, engineering and design roles, not low-end, low-margin assembly.

Trade Minister Todd McClay: Big news in some parallel universe where the US election cycle never took place

TPP bill passes!

Tue 15 Nov 6

A great victory in some parallel universe where the US election cycle never took place | Labour questions "inexplicable" waste-of-time debate during quake aftermath.

Spark MD Simon Moutter increasingly cutting Chorus out of the loop

Simon puts Telecom back together


From fixed wireless to a plan for his company to own its own fibre, Spark's MD is cutting Chorus out of the loop, and winding the clock back to 2010.

TRUMP WATCH: 'Mexican' judge goes soft on fraud case

Sat 12 Nov 3

PLUS: Private financing focus for $US1 trillion infrastructure spend-up but Wall Street Journal says it will fall short | Trump considers keeping part of Obamacare | Formal death of the TPP | Transition team cronyism shocker | Trump vs Trump on Twitter

The US version

A 'New Zealand Donald Trump' would have to come from National

Fri 11 Nov 5

People who pick Peters or Morgan are misreading the situation in the US and UK | Trump’s trouble in the Senate.

Unfit for the times

Democrats’ first step to losing in 2020: blame the ‘dumb’ voters

Thu 10 Nov 26

Democrats have to examine why an anti-establishment candidate was so appealing. So do politicians closer to home.