Ken Ring not welcome at Christchurch TED event

Sorry about the Moon Man reference in the headline, but I wanted to get some attention for this worthy event (and, as it happens, it's kind of true. Ken Ring, one of the speakers at TEDxAuckland, is not on the agenda for the Christchurch event. The organisers didn't want to comment further, but the reasons are reasonably obvious).

Anyhow, if you even vaguely follow technology or new media, you'll know that TED, founded curated by Chris Anderson, features inspirational speakers from many fields. It's the event where Bill Gates, famously, released live mosquitos into the crowd to publicise developing world health issues. 

The TEDx events are affiliated with the main US gig.

Christchurch already had one on the cards for later this year, but social media guru Kaila Colbin has organised an extra event, dubbed TEDxEQChCh, to help get the city back on its feet.

Speakers include former San Francisco mayor Art Argos, and Yike Bike's Grant Ryan. It all happens this weekend at the Aurora Centre for the Performing Arts. Check out the programme here.

For Android types, the event has now been added to the TEDxGuide here.

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