Media or advertorial?

Possibly because Wellingtonians aren't as stupid?

Stuff reports:

Sexologist Liz Walker is in New Zealand tackling kids’ toxic porn culture but says her Auckland parental workshops are filling up fast, while Wellingtonians appear much more hesitant.  

Walker, who says her exposure to pornography at six-years-old had devastating and ongoing consequences, is delivering her Counteracting Porn Culture workshops to parents, educators and youth professionals in Auckland and Wellington next week.

She was baffled that just three parents had signed up for the Wellington course, while the same seminar in Auckland had already attracted 30 and counting. 

Possibly because Wellingtonians aren’t as stupid?

These are not brief one hour workshops, but all day events that cost you $190 to attend.

The capital’s low numbers were “just shocking” especially given the severity of the problem, which has seen a 1000-fold rise in porn-related erectile dysfunction among youths since the birth of the internet in the 1990s, Walker said. 

They are not shocking at all. The shocking this is that Fairfax thinks someone complaining that not enough people will pay her $190 for a workshop is news.

Political commentator and pollster David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

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