Apology to Steven Joyce

Fri 2 Mar
Steven Joyce's line is basically that National won the last election thanks to his strategy. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Nats risk picking a Goff as leader

Fri 23 Feb 13

Opinion: Tuesday’s vote will ignite several years of National Party civil war.

Bill English prepares to leave Parliament with almost nothing to show for his 27 and a half years of public service. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

What does the National Party stand for?

Fri 16 Feb 8

Opinion: After nine years in government, National MPs might want to consider a different approach.

Shane Jones faces two hard choices on regional development.

Jones faces pivotal test on regional fund

Fri 9 Feb 9

Opinion: The Wellington bureaucracy is determined that it, not politicians, will control the new billion-dollar regional fund.

Judith Collins dreams of her chance to do a ‘Margaret Thatcher’.

English wins first round

Fri 2 Feb 26

Opinion: The National leader has dealt skilfully with this week’s sabotage attempt but his days remain numbered.

Nikki Kaye insists she has no interest in the top job.

Government puts the training wheels away

Fri 26 Jan 14

Opinion: With the coalition now governing confidently, time’s up for National’s old guard.