Editor's Insight: Pension poser for today's 10-year-olds, who will live to 100

Tue 30 May 2

A World Economic Forum study says life expectancy is rising by three years every decade.

Editor’s Insight: Winemakers put to the test and critics have their say

Fri 26 May

The wettest, windiest and coldest summer could have produced the worst vintage since 1995.

Editor's Insight: Turbulent skies cloud future for Asia's oldest airlines

Thu 25 May

Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines have both launched wide-ranging reviews as profits fade.

Editor's Insight: Books are now festival fare for the Woodstock generation

Wed 24 May 2

The Auckland Writers Festival is like walking into a radicals' dinner party 40 years later.

Editor's Insight: Chinese takeover spree subsides – but will it last?

Tue 23 May

Chinese companies may have weak brands and lack skills in global business but they have other competitive advantages.

Editor's Insight: The Nanny State guide to eating, drinking and smoking in Europe

Fri 19 May 1

'Sin taxes' are endemic in Europe and countries jostle to become either the most oppressive or the most liberal at trying to regulate the lifestyle of their citizens.