The analysis does not include indirect effects such as the impact on business confidence or the cost of substitution effects.

Greens write $15b 'suicide note' for oil and gas sector

Wed 18 Apr 10

Analysis: Official documents reveal costs of Green energy policies that include the government's decision to ban new offshore oil drilling.

Former PM John Key was unsuccessful in trying to change the flag.

Troublesome referendums cause more problems than they solve

Mon 9 Apr 9

Opinion: The Dutch Parliament is expected to scrap a law adopted just three years ago that allows consultative referendums.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford is proposing rises of 3-4c a litre over the next three years.

Land transport policies need more scrutiny

Fri 6 Apr 9

Opinion: Transport Minister Phil Twyford is defending his fuel cost increases by saying National, if re-elected, was planning more of the same.

North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's reign has increased the country's visibility.

If brand power works for products, how about countries?

Fri 6 Apr

Analysis: WorldPR's Global Leadership Ranking measures who's doing best in the profile stakes.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reshuffled the ministries in Beijing.

Trump plays China hand

Holiday Review

Opinion: The US president doesn't operate by the normal rules of trade diplomacy.

EMA’s Kim Campbell says “Decisions around the minimum wage can’t be made in isolation of other dynamics."

Jobs dilemma cannot be avoided

Thu 29 Mar 1

The Reserve Bank's new "dual mandate" will be tested when the economy turns sour and unemployment rises.