Top tweets about #snowdenNZ

Here's some of the more interesting and insightful tweets about the latest Snowden revelations.

Here’s some of the more interesting and insightful tweets about the latest Snowden revelations about NZ spying as investigated by journalists such as Nicky Hager and Glenn Greenwald.

Paul Harper ‏@pauljmharper 

#SnowdenNZ Twitter: This is outrageous! Tear down the system! Facebook: Yawn, who cares. What are the Picton couple up to?


Crrie S. ‏@Ellipsister 

Can't help but get creepy dawn raid feels following govt spying on Pacific Islands. #nzpol#rtpRT


Dave Armstrong ‏@malosilima 

I also knew that Cook Island drumming was actually a really clever way of sending out messages to ISIL in Morse code.


SarahWD ‏@ceraahwd 

Wonder if NZers will feel shitty about being the bully of the South Pacific. Quite hard 2 pretend we're the underdog here. #snowdenNZ


Under The Spotlight ‏@UnderTheLightNZ 

John Key was willing to release documents to prove #snowdenNZ claims wrong in the past. Wonder if he will do the same now? #nzpol


Brent Edwards ‏@rnzgallerybrent 

In context of #dirty politics it's ironic who Nicky Hager is working with in NZ on GCSB story.


Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick   

Here's an idea, when the PM starts in on his bullshit smorgasboard re Snowden, tell him you thought he wouldn't be commenting.


Lamia ‏@LI_politico   

On John Key won't comment on stolen documents. Will he proactively release the documents so we can talk about them?


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

I always knew Tuvalu had designs on weapons of mass destruction. Lucky the GCSB is onto them. 

Dave Armstrong ‏@malosilima   

@MorganGodfery And to retain All Whites Pacfiic supremacy we need GSCB access to training grounds in New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Solomon Is


James Macbeth Dann ‏@edmuzik 

The GCSB should be congratulated for preventing the rise of the pacific island climate terrorist


Jordan M. ‏@prinnbanktce 



CherylBernstein ‏@CherylBernstein 

GCSB: spying out the best Pacific holiday deals since 2009.


RachelNZ ‏@3RachelNZ3 

We keep being told that spying is for our safety, terrorism bla bla bla, when clearly it's predominantly for economic reasons #nzpol


Sacha McNeil ‏@SachaMcNeil   

When people say they 'slept like a baby', does that mean they didn't actually sleep and cried half the night? I'm looking at you Mr Key.


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom 

"Glenn Greenwald is a loser" "Snowden documents could be fake" "Nicki Hager is a liar" "Trust me" - John Key #SnowdenNZ


The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist   

Hard day to be both pro-Key and pro-Bainimarama, which is excellent given that describes just one person and it's Cameron Slater


dazza ‏@dazzabrazza 

Key's spying & binge-viewing 'House of Cards' has left me with zero faith in #nzpol. I also believe Spacey is a better actor than Key. 


David Slack ‏@DavidSlack   

Imagine if we'd used this spy network to see the GFC coming. And all those banks helping high net worth individuals to dodge tax.

Chris Diack ‏@DiackChris   

@DavidSlack u think Kirk and Rowling got no Intel on the French in the Pacific? 


Aimee Gulliver ‏@aimeegulliver   

One NSA memo notes that New Zealand provides “valuable access not otherwise available to satisfy US intelligence requirement.” @rj_gallagher


David Ritchie ‏@dritchie   

Typical. NZ doesn't add any value to full take data collection and just exports it for US processing.


Debbie Griffiths ‏@GriffithsDeb 

.@NickyHager talks spying with @SAINSO @RadioLIVENZ "This is not the biggest surprise that we've got coming"


JessTheMess NoWar ‏@_aroha__ 

In case you forgot what you said #SnowdenNZ #GCSB …


Jordan M. ‏@prinnbanktce 

Those Fijian Jihadis eh. ISIS: tropical division.


Sue Bradford ‏@suebr 

In wake of Snowden/Hager relevations today, can't help wondering if ASIO does 'full take collection' on NZers here …


Fran O'Sullivan ‏@FranOSullivan 

53% Herald poll (so far) say "fine" with GCSB NZ spying on Pacific neighbours. Will sentiment change with more revelations? #SnowdenNZ


HarveySpectre ‏@HarveySpectre_ 

Glad to see the GCSB is keeping a close eye on those troublemaking Nauruans


Martyn Bradbury ‏@CitizenBomber 

Now it's been proven by Hager & Snowden that we are a Stasi stooge for USA, Key's new flag should be a star spangled silver fern CCTV camera


Clare Curran ‏@clarecurranmp 

If we 'full-take' spy on Pacific do we also spy at home? The price of Five Eyes club  @nzherald …


John P ‏@MrDuttonPeabody 

Key's attack on Hager is 'create your own reality' through a press statement. If #dirtypolitics was wrong he could still text Slater #nzpol


Dovil ‏@Dovil 

Just woke up! Super excited to find out how many apology muffin baskets NZ will be sending out today.


Danyl Mclauchlan ‏@danylmc 

I have this fantasy in which the next left-wing government uses XKeyscore to catch and prosecute high net-worth tax cheats


Ben #NoToWar ‏@salivalnz 

Do NZ taxpayers fund the GCSB to spy on behalf of NSA? Or do NSA fund GCSB directly? Which is worse? #snowdenNZ


Lamia ‏@LI_politico 

Key: Snowden is making stuff up. Reporter: why has he been charged with espionage? DO IT.


Lamia ‏@LI_politico 

You don't charge someone with espionage the penalty for which is the death penalty for making some stuff up & running to Russia. #snowdenNZ


Fran O'Sullivan ‏@FranOSullivan 

So, what's in the redacted part of the Snowden NZ files? Does this come later? #SnowdenNZ


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

Gosh I'm glad we're helping catch all those terrorists the Pacific produces each year.


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

Hilarious that Key says the reporting is irresponsible and dangerous because *he* is sending troops to Iraq.


Under The Spotlight ‏@UnderTheLightNZ 

If you're someone fine with NZ spying on the Pacific could you please hand all your private info to me. I won't read it. Honest. #snowdenNZ


The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist 

Hooton's up with the sparrows w a decent defence line: question the what (spying, justifiable), ignore the how (mass surveillance, NOPE)


Rangi Kemara ‏@Te_Taipo 

Its time 4 Pacific whanau 2 work together 2 lay a fibre cable from Brazil thru the Pacific 2 Singapore, cut out 5Eyes NZ, AU, US. #snowdenNZ


Josie Pagani ‏@josiepagani 

Spying not the problem. Mass surveillance is - treats innocent people the same as guilty. Good analysis here 


Jordan M. ‏@prinnbanktce 

The USA has been getting NZ to spy on the Pacific to keep tabs on China. That is it, basically #snowdenNZ


Under The Spotlight ‏@UnderTheLightNZ 

Gotta love how John Key knew yesterday that what was revealed this morning wasn't true #snowdenNZ #nzpol #psychic


Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick 

Hand up if you think Snowden & Manning are the only 2 of the 000's with access to grab stuff. We know about them coz they gave it to journos


chelsea torrance ‏@tripthestation 

New Zealand has just gone from being America's wannabe buttmonkey to actual mean girls #pRT #snowdenNZ



Graham Cameron ‏@mvlgrimace 

NZ will spy on: friends; Maori; Chinese; people US doesn't like NZ won't spy on: National party; US; people threatening NZ #snowdenNZ


Under The Spotlight ‏@UnderTheLightNZ 

I heard John Key's favourite song was "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends" #snowdenNZ #nzpol


Russel Norman ‏@RusselNorman 

Price of being in #FiveEyesGang is to steal info from smallest most vulnerable nations in the Pacific. … #SnowdenNZ


wiseteroid ‏@wiseteroid 

it would be honest of our PM if he admitted "NZ spies on its Pacific friends and sends the data to the US". #snowdenNZ #nzpol


The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist 

bad day to be Chris Finlayson. I wonder if Key will bother getting out of bed. #snowdenNZ#speaktotheminister


Matthew Hooton @MatthewHootonNZ ·

@ONENewsNZ So what? Is anyone surprised? Does anyone think we shouldn't spy on the South Pacific?


Newstalk ZB ‏@NewstalkZB 

Coming up on @KPMGNZ #EarlyEdition: Shocking spy revelations - we speak to @NickyHager and @AndrewLittleMP; and farmers suffer from drought.

Matthew Hooton ‏@MatthewHootonNZ  19m19 minutes ago

.@NewstalkZB @KPMGNZ @NickyHager @AndrewLittleMP What's shocking about them? Of course NZ should spy on South Pacific countries.


Matthew Hooton @MatthewHootonNZ ·

It's unsurprising & good that NZ spies on South Pacific countries, to monitor local threats & check Chinese influence …


Rachel Stewart ‏@RFStew 

Well, there goes the neighbourhood. #snowdenNZ …


Jordan M. ‏@prinnbanktce 

If as the nz herald article alleges, the GCSB has been spying on NZ citizens, and pacific islanders with NZ citizenship, my god #snowdenNZ


Nirupa G ‏@NirupaG 

There are going to be a lot of "please explain" calls from the Pacific today! #snowdenNZ


Lamia ‏@LI_politico 

So 5 countries have carved up the world to spy on and share that information with each other. #5eyes #snowdenNZ


Rachel Stewart ‏@RFStew 

New Zealand launched mass surveillance project while publicly denying it #snowdenNZ …


nzherald National ‏@nzheraldnznews 

#snowdenNZ : The price of the Five Eyes club: Mass spying on friendly nations and sending vast amounts of inte... 


nzherald National ‏@nzheraldnznews 

#snowdenNZ : Leaked documents show New Zealand spies on its Pacific friends and sends the data to the US: New ... 



Tweets from yesterday:


David Slack ‏@DavidSlack 

When the PM launches once again into his "Hager is a liar" spiel, just remember that's as accurate as saying Richie McCaw is a wimp.


mjfield ‏@mjfield 

Will Pacific states wake up tomorrow and discover NZ has been spying, bugging their phones and changing governments? …


Sacha Dylan ‏@kaupapa 

So long as our media unthinkingly regurgitate his lies about Hager, Key's onto a winner again #nzpol


Hayden Eastmond-Mein ‏@h_yd_n 

With Key trotting out the preemptive horseshit on Hager, you know it's about to turn into a fun week in Parliament.


The Harpoon ‏@ArbyHyde 

How has Nicky Hager been proven wrong about #dirtypolitics? Serious question.


Watershitdown ‏@watershitdown 

John Key calls Nicky Hager's #Dirtypolitics "categorically wrong" from someone who "categorically can't recall shit"


Tim Murphy ‏@tmurphyNZH 

Interesting attempt at prebuttal from the PM on the Snowden documents. They are just a little detailed about what has gone on. #snowdenNZ


Jackson James Wood ‏@_jjw_ 

Hager to reveal that John Key actually has five eyes. You've seen two of them, but where are the other three? Find out tomorrow.


Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick 

I reckon the main thing about spy-leak stories, like the Snowden stuff, is that they exist. That they exist; shows the spies failed.


DM Me Your Cats ‏@raquelxmoss 

I just don't understand how Key can continue to call Hager a lier but not specify exactly how.

Watershitdown ‏@watershitdown 

@sunnyhamiltonnz @raquelxmoss @kaupapa A cynic would say it's become their job to never challenge him with fact, and history likes cynics.


Marianne Elliott ‏@zenpeacekeeper 

Watching Citizenfour in preparation for Hager & @nzherald's promised new information tomorrow on NZ's role in 5Eyes spy network. With wine.


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom 

Spy Poll: Who do you believe? RETWEET: Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and Nicky Hager FAVORITE: John Key - Prime Minister of NZ / #GCSB


Nicola ‏@NikkyD77 

Anyone managed to discredit Nicky Hager yet? Didn't think so.


Chris ‏@slackjawdtownie 

"Nicky Hager is saying it. I guarantee it'll be wrong." "What they've decided is they'll play the man, not the ball." John Key, 19 Aug 2014


nømmøpikelet ‏@nommopilot 

Nicky Hager & John Key : One always lies and one always tells the truth...


Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick 

John Key doesn't care that his pre-emptive defences re Hager contradict. It's a smorgasbord for supporters & pundits to 'pick one' of.


Paul Rooney ‏@roonsopo 

You'd expect @nzlabour to tell Hager to bugger off considering the help he gave them in the General Election.


Lamia ‏@LI_politico 

Is this what the police raid on Hager was really about?


Craig Robertson ‏@CraigTRobertson 

"[Nicky Hager's] interests are his own self-serving interests, not the rest of the country." A bit rich coming from John Key.


John P ‏@MrDuttonPeabody 

Key called Hager a screaming left wing conspiracy theorist despite Hager being right about #dirtypolitics, proven by investigation #nzpol


nømmøpikelet ‏@nommopilot 

that pesky Nicky Hager and all the lies he's _going_ to tell you!!! I know exactly what he's going to say, cos I've been spying on him...


Bill ‏@wiremusix 

Prediction. Key's popularity increases will increase following Hager's latest spying revelation.


Scott Milne ‏@LostArcNZ 

I should mark my Student's tests the same way Key treats Hager's allegations: "Look, I haven't seen your answers, but they are wrong"


Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick 

Shorter Key: 'Hager's claims are things everyone would expect us to be doing, it would be irresponsible not to. Also, it's all lies'


Scott Milne ‏@LostArcNZ 

So Jon Key says the Stuff in Hager's last book was "Categorically Wrong". Did he read the same book I did? #DirtyPolitics


fictional ‏@nzjames 

I remember the public not caring about dirty politics. But I don't remember Hager being wrong. The opposite in fact.


Danyl Mclauchlan ‏@danylmc 

No doubt the Seven Sharp team and Jay-Jay from the Edge will hold Key to account over Hager's new claims.


Danyl Mclauchlan @danylmc · 

Better update my Hager spin-bingo card to include 'Putting the country at risk' and 'Siding with the terrorists'. …


Benjamin Rachinger ‏@B3nRaching3r 

Do we still think Hager got raided for the DP book? Or Govt got him under Surv and raided him after MoT for NZ specific Snowden Docs? Lol.


The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist 

Hager's timing of this Snowden file reveal is a shameless attempt to disrupt the 2017 election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Danyl Mclauchlan ‏@danylmc 

I wish Greenwald, Snowden et al had done this in the first place instead of teaming up with Kim Dotcom: …


Mandy Hager ‏@MandyHager 

Go Nicky! Proud of you bro! Snowden files expose NZ's part in America's spy network  via @nzherald