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Former Prime Minister John Key

NBR Radio 2016 Year in Review

Holiday Review

NBR Radio brings you a special six-hour broadcast looking back at the best audio interviews of 2016.

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett

Hooton: English and Bennett know feminism better than left

The scuffle began when Paula Bennett said she considers herself a feminist only “most days.”

LINA ESCO: Free the Nipple founder

Hidesight: Sensation-seekers show their sinister side

It’s profoundly uncomfortable to be stared at, and I have no doubt being ogled is much worse.

Hugh Crichton in the NBR Radio studio

Vidal's winemaker blends Hawke's Bay heritage into his Legacy

Holiday Review

Hugh Crichton's 2014 Legacy Syrah has been named as one of the world's 75 'most exciting' wines of 2016.

Brendan Lindsay

Hunter's Corner: The low profile of high achievement

In praise of Mike Daniel, Mike Bennetts and others who hide their light under a bushel.

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