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ALASTAIR NEWTON: We may well be looking, in the first quarter of next year, at a rising storm

ALASTAIR NEWTON: Looking for the right geopolitical risks

Keep an eye on the details behind the broad-stroke threats appearing across the world says a former British diplomat on Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson.

McConnell Property general manager Nigel Richards says "Auckland Council’s consent processes and timeframes are “broken” and “frustrating"

Labour’s new KiwiBuild scheme needs reality check

Construction company head speaks out about Auckland Council's consenting problems.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said last week unemployment was “stuck stubbornly at 5% when it should be below 4%”

Economists and Opposition pour cold water on PM’s plan for sub 4% unemployment

In the past 20 years, unemployment has only fallen below 4% in three years.

Beca smart cities leader Matt Ensor says “There’s a view New Zealand is doing well but there are these infrastructure challenges"

Infrastructure experts’ enthusiasm for satellite city and Scottish water scheme

Only 2% are ‘very confident’ NZ has the appropriate strategic leadership and governance to ensure the resilience of New Zealand's infrastructure.

Independent management consultant Neil Gaught

NEIL GAUGHT on confronting the realities of business reform


The consultant talks about his new book CORE on Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson.

Andrew Turnbull, the Investment Committee Chair for the Kiwi Innovation Network

ANDREW TURNBULL on commercialising innovation

This week's featured guest on NBR Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson is Andrew Turnbull, the investment committee chairman for the Kiwi Innovation Network.

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