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Joan Withers (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

JOAN WITHERS: Could the Feltex collapse have been avoided?

Ms Withers broaches the subject of the NZX continuous disclosure rules on Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson.

Andrew Patterson

Sunday Business and Week in Review


The feature guest this week is the Founder & CEO of Science Exchange, Dr. Elizabeth Iorns.

Auckland-New York direct, laptop ban relief, Virgin's codeshare limits

Carry On: Business travel roundup also includes big Russian order for Airbus A350s.

Emirates Team NZ chief executive Grant Dalton would rather the cup remained a "friendly competition"

The irrelevance of billionaires

Opinion: Tim Hunter says New Zealand can be justifiably proud of this America’s Cup win.  

Fuji Xerox managing director Gavin Pollard is weathering the storm

Code word Macro: How Fuji Xerox tried to cover up scandal

All of the claims in NBR’s article were vindicated.

Elizabeth Iorns

DR ELIZABETH IORNS on switching from researcher to entrepreneur


A New Zealand scientist turned entrepreneur and founder of Silicon Valley's Science Exchange talks to Andrew Patterson on Sunday Business.

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