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Andrew Patterson

Sunday Business and Week in Review


Andrew Patterson's feature guest is agritech futurist Dr Rosie Bosworth.

Hunter's Corner: A warning on leverage from China

There are risks in the sale of finance company UDC to China’s "money mill."

Order Paper: The ignorant don't know conservative history

The fuss over Jim Bolger's "repudiation" of 'neoliberalism' shows both an ignorance of history but also an ignorance of the entire conservative political tradition in New Zealand politics. 

Hidesight: Governments fool most people most of the time

We are called citizens when in truth we are subjects.

Peter Cullinane

PETER CULLINANE on life after advertising and lessons on disruption

On Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson, Lewis Road Creamery founder and chief executive Peter Cullinane on the innovation of his brand and continuing to challenge the local dairy industry.


Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzi


The international authority in psychological profiling, talent management and people analytics discusses his compelling new book The Talent Delusion: Why Data, Not Intuition, Is the Key to Unlocking Human Potential on Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson.

Claudia Batten

CLAUDIA BATTEN on the challenges of scaling up


The entrepreneur and NZTE North America on how to move from start-up to scale. 

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