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Government and industry agree to phased eradication of mycoplasma bovis

Mon 28 May 6

No guarantee phased eradication of cow disease will work.

F&P chief executive Lewis Gradon says new products are likely to be released in 2019.

Record profit for F&P, forecasts higher again this year

Mon 28 May

But there's no end in sight for court battles with a rival and former employees.

Authorised Financial Adviser Brent Sheather says "It’s probably unfair to single out ASB."

Investment adviser accuses ASB of giving inappropriate advice

Mon 28 May 11

Brent Sheather is a well-known opponent of “vertical integration.”

Mint chief executive Will Barker says there are “massive opportunities for businesses” in the circular economy.

Waste-to-gold startup Mint Innovation seeks $5m investment

Mon 28 May 1

The company will open a new waste management facility in Auckland next year. 

Mark Finlay says he will turn his attention to his own business interests.

Evolve CEO Mark Finlay exits after $4.2m loss

Mon 28 May 3

The company's loss stemmed from a one-off IRD bill and impairments on Porse.  Watch Mark Finlay's interview with Grant Walker.

Treasury's Tim Ng says life is about more than just money.

Attention turns to next year's wellbeing budget – but what is it?

Mon 28 May 3

Treasury wants to provide broader advice covering four main factors. Watch Grant Walker's interview with Treasury's Tim Ng. 


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