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Rodger Finlay says each project will have clear criteria on which to judge whether it has been successful or not.

Panel chairman brushes off criticism of Provincial Growth Fund

Fri 16 Mar 3

Advisory panel chairman confident growth fund will be a success. Watch Grant Walker's interview with Rodger Finlay.

Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is convinced pay equity is an "intractable problem." (Photo: Jonathan-Castellino)

Achieving pay equity a Sisyphean task

Fri 16 Mar 12

Avoid becoming mired in an "intractable problem" by focusing on competence instead, advises Jordan Peterson.

 In 2015 CBL was connected to Bermuda-registered Exporters Insurance Company, which features in the Paradise Papers.

CBL in Paradise Papers link

Fri 16 Mar 4

Stricken company had interests in Bermuda insurer, documents suggest.  

Lawyer Sue Simons takes up cudgels against Auckland Council appealing its own decison.

Auckland Council appeals its own decision in Environment Court

Fri 16 Mar 3

Can a local council appeal its own decision? Auckland City intends finding out.

Beingmate founder Sam Xie floated the company.

Why Fonterra’s China problem is bigger than we think

Fri 16 Mar 5

Analysis: Fonterra chairman John Wilson and chief executive Theo Spierings will have to face up to the Beingmate problem next week.

Canterbury Legal director Clive Cousins has received three complaints.

Christchurch crypto exchange faces class action

Fri 16 Mar 3

Law firm probes potential for class action over lost deposits at Christchurch exchange.  


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