Amy Adams

Would you pass this cyber-attack test?

Thu 13 Oct 2

Fewer people are clicking but every click is dangerous. Perhaps it's time to concentrate on cyber training, say officials. With special feature audio.

Communications Minister Amy Adams

Waikato Networks buys out Crown's holding in Ultrafast Fibre for $189m

Wed 7 Sep 1

UFB company gets $11 million discount for early buyout.

Communications Minister Amy Adams

Quarter of those within reach of fibre now signed up to a UFB plan

Mon 8 Aug 4

It might be causing pain to Chorus customers frustrated by increasing wait times, but the UFB has now well and truly hit tipping point.

Claudia King

Briefcase: Unpopular Amy Adams decision, the most popular lawyers

Fri 5 Aug 7

What they're talking about in the legal world. With special feature audio.

Minister for Communications Amy Adams

Cyber report places better public/private trust as top goal

Thu 4 Aug 3

Talk is finished, plans are set. Now it's time for action.

David Bain

Costs but no compo awarded to Bain

Tue 2 Aug 32

David Bain found not to have established his innocence on the balance of probabilities.


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