Kim Dotcom with his personalised cars

Dotcom appeals US forfeiture orders

Thu 2 Jul 1

Millions of dollars worth of assets forfeited due to "several reversible errors."

Kim Dotcom with his personalised cars

Dotcom gains asset relief

Wed 3 Jun

A US forfeiture ruling had left the ownership of millions of dollars of assets, including a house and luxury cars, uncertain.

Dotcom with his personalised cars

Dotcom back in court over luxury cars, Mona's mini mansion and more

Fri 8 May 2

The Crown, which is looking after Dotcom's assets, wants to own them.


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Mona Dotcom

Mona Dotcom breaks down in court, withdraws opposition to unfreezing husband's funds

Thu 26 Feb 6

PLUS: Police say Kim Dotcom used family trust to fund his own dance music album, and fund the Internet Party.

ANZ senior economist Sharon Zollner says it’s not a new phenomenon to see disinflation coming out of China, but deflation is “one step further.”

Even more Chinese investment tipped

Fri 13 Feb 6

New Zealand is primed to get a good slice of the pie, as Chinese investors look for countries to park their capital.

Sally Ridge (TV3)

Ridge pays security, appeal court date set

Fri 31 Oct

Earlier Ms Ridge had claimed she didn’t have the cash to pay the bond.


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