Chinese hoteliers on Goff's new rates rise: 'If only we'd known ...'

Fri 31 Mar 13

Mr Goff's rate rise is starting to scare some of Auckland's largest hotel investors.

Hidesight: Lessons from the Dog Tax Rebellion

Fri 31 Mar

Once the principle of a new tax is established, it is invariably hiked.

Ateed turns to private sector to help capture Auckland’s growth

Mon 27 Mar 5

The symposium is an opportunity to talk more about Auckland’s future economic growth.

CHRIS SEDGWICK: The targeted rate adds yet another disincentive to invest in hotels

Hotels rates increase adds a disincentive to invest

Fri 24 Mar

Auckland’s biggest hotel operator, Accor, says Auckland Council’s proposed rates increase of 150% plus is inequitable and ill-conceived.

Rates rise risks motel closures

Fri 3 Mar

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff’s plan to slap a 150% plus rates increase on the commercial accommodation sector to partly pay for the city’s growth agency Ateed will force many motels out of business.

Ateed chief executive Brett O'Riley

Ateed boss plans a book on Catching the Knowledge Wave

Fri 17 Feb 2

Brett O'Riley wants to facilitate a book that will help advanced industries grow. 


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