Ateed chief executive Brett O'Riley

Ateed boss plans a book on Catching the Knowledge Wave

Fri 17 Feb 2

Brett O'Riley wants to facilitate a book that will help advanced industries grow. 

BRETT O'RILEY: Ateed chief executive Brett O'Riley leaves in September

Living the life of O’Riley

Fri 17 Feb

Brett O’Riley leaves his role as head of Auckland’s economic development agency Ateed later this year. What has he and the controversial organisation achieved?

Auckland councillor Dick Quax

Council wages skyrocket; calls for Ateed’s budget to be cut by 75% as bed tax looms

Wed 30 Nov 12

More than 710 IT staff earning $73 million are among the council’s employees. Meanwhile NBR readers have their say on mayor Phil Goff's plans to tax tourists.

Auckland mayor, Phil Goff

Goff's plan to make Aucklanders wear more taxes goes down like a lead balloon

Tue 29 Nov 29

“Ratepayers have shouldered the responsibility for the city’s growth for too long" – Goff 

Auckland Chamber of Commerce chief executive Michael Barnett

Aucklanders detest new city slogan; want Ateed's wings clipped

Tue 15 Nov 21

“Ateed said leave it to us" – Barnett. With reader poll result.

Auckland mayoral aspirant Victoria Crone, John Palino, Penny Bright and Mark Thomas

'Council department for overseas trips' needs a switch - mayoral contenders

Wed 24 Aug 4

ATEED's days could be numbered in a variety of ways.


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