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Construction management consultant Aaron Muir says "Firms need to innovate to find sufficient qualified and experienced staff to deliver existing and new projects"

Alarming shortage of building professionals and tradies for $138 billion of projects

Wed 20 Sep 3

Candidates will be offered bungy jumping, fishing, boating and weekends away at Waiheke Island or Rotorua to entice them to live in New Zealand.

National's continued spend on more motorways is dumb

Give a voice to rural New Zealand


Browny Points: Congestion may well cost Aucklanders $1.6 billion but not the whole country.

If Amazon decided to build an office in Auckland, would it work?

Could Auckland attract or retain the next Amazon?

Wed 13 Sep 10

Opinion: Lance Wiggs gives his take on the location of Amazon's second headquarters.

Head to Head: Nikki Kaye and Mika Haka

Wed 30 Aug 6

Nikki Kaye defends housing record and Mika Haka seeks stringent tenancy protection rules. Click on the headline for the full video.

Auckland's transport situation won't be helped enough by either party's policies

Auckland transport needs 30-year plan delivered in next decade


Opinion: The policies of the two main political parties fall short of delivering the catch-up need for the city's size, ambition and pace of growth.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges' report says investment needs to be brought forward

Auckland transport investment faces $5.9b funding shortfall

Fri 11 Aug 1

The update was undertaken after revised population projections indicated Auckland's population will increase by 100,000 more people by 2028.


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