Outgoing Hellaby MD: too many NZ companies de-listing

Wed 15 Feb 9

New Zealand managers need to take more risks.

Time for a Takeovers Code makeover?

Fri 10 Feb

New Zealand’s regime governing the conduct of takeovers was aimed to kill off some of the “poison pill” and cowboy type conduct rife in the country during the wild 1980s. But some say the Takeovers Code still has deficiencies and that it is too lopsided in favour of bidders these days.

Paul Byrnes

Bapcor succeeds in Hellaby takeover as shareholders and director exit

Wed 1 Feb

Director Paul Byrnes initially sold about half his stake of about 1.98 million shares in January and exited the remaining 980,086 shares yesterday

Bapcor may not immediately sell Hellaby’s footwear

Tue 31 Jan 1

Bapcor wants to take stock of what it has bought before making decisions.

Bapcor edges closer to Hellaby takeover, lifts interest to 88.6%

Mon 30 Jan

Bapcor nears compulsory acquisition of remaining Hellaby shares.

Alan Clarke

Hellaby execs sell down holdings to Bapcor but one retains stake

Tue 24 Jan

Alan Clarke, Hellaby's chief executive and managing director, sold his entire stake


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