basic minimum wage

President of Switzerland Johann Schneider-Ammann

Unconditional basic income – Only a matter of time


OPINION: Switzerland held a referendum on whether to establish an unconditional basic income.

Economist Susan Guthrie

Tax base reform needed first before a universal basic income

Tue 12 Apr 6

Reforming the tax base could generate about $8-9 billion in extra taxes, The Big Kahuna co-author Susan Guthrie says. With special feature audio.

Sir Roger Douglas

UBI just a cynical ploy to increase welfare and tax

Sat 2 Apr 7

A universal basic income (UBI) is one of those brilliant ideas whose time will never come. With special feature audio.

Labour party finance spokesman Grant Robertson (Photo: Rob Hosking)

OPINION: A universal basic income must be opposed on social justice grounds

Tue 29 Mar 8

OPINION: NZ Taxpayers' Union's Jim Rose on UBI. With special feature audio.

NZ Taxpayers' Union executive director Jordan Williams

UBI would require tax hike – report

Tue 29 Mar 2

Labour's universal basic income proposal has been supported by many on the right but not the Taxpayers' Union. With special feature audio.

Former Clinton administration Labour Secretary Robert Reich on The Nation

We have to seriously consider a universal basic income — Reich

Sun 27 Mar 10

Bill Clinton's Labour Secretary on Donald Trump, the TPP and the future of work. 


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