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Dan Bidois with National leader Simon Bridges on Saturday night.

Lessons from a boring byelection

Mon 11 Jun 9

Advance polling making election day rules outdated and seven other takeaways.

Anderton’s left-wing politics made him unfashionable in political and media circles for much of his time in politics.

Jim Anderton – the man who saved the left in NZ

Thu 11 Jan 20

Political round-up: Jim Anderton was in the political wilderness for much of his career. 

Shane Jones confirmed as NZ First’s Whangarei candidate

Fri 30 Jun 6

“This is no time to be looking around at novices or an MP with training wheels on," Winston Peters says.

Jacinda Ardern may have indicated many times she doesn't want the leadership, but she is polling neck in neck with Andrew Little for preferred prime minister (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Latest poll may have Labour considering the 'Jacinda option'

Fri 16 Jun 14

"This is looking like a trend and Labour is in big trouble,” Bryce Edwards.

Political commentator Bryce Edwards says there is a clear trend of cashed-up business people in New Zealand taking the plunge into politics

The rise of the Kiwi businessman turned politician

Thu 1 Jun 1

Political commentator Bryce Edwards does not rate the People’s Party’s chances of getting into Parliament highly.

Labour’s list debacle shows ‘woeful’ political management by Little

Tue 2 May 13

Political commentator Bryce Edwards says the events of the past 24 hours will cost Labour votes.


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