Finance Minister Steven Joyce

Government repurposes Crown Fibre Holdings to speed home building

Sun 23 Jul 10

Crown Infrastructure Partners will be backed by $600m fund, new targeted rates.

Boris Johnson (BBC)

Trade on the agenda as Boris Johnson lands in Wellington

Sun 23 Jul 9

The controversial force behind 'Brexit' arrives for two-day visit. 

Sean Spicer (@presssec)

Trump's press secretary quits amid reported dispute

Sat 22 Jul 11

Spicer exits stage left, but Attorney-General Jeff Sessions hangs on, despite harsh criticism from the president.

Roger Federer: The greatest tennis player of all time?


We should be grateful for Federer.

Metiria Turei

Turei flip-flops, says she will pay back money gained from benefit fraud

Sat 22 Jul 67

Green leader spins her side of the story in guest editorial for UK paper.

Winston Peters

Peters promises rail to Northport, taunts Little that he may not make it back into Parliament

Sun 16 Jul 6

Promises spending on the electorate where Shane Jones was originally announced as a candidate.


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