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Reannz chief executive Nicole Ferguson says it will be the "cleanest option" if government funding cuts are reversed — but she's also willing to go hunting for new customers

Broadband barney: three universities terminate Reannz contracts

Tue 10 Jul 13

Just as the Crown company is set to become an anchor tenant of the new Hawaiki Cable, three of its largest customers defect.

Canterbury University engineering school's buildings redesigned with a splash of colour

University buildings re-engineered for a bolder life


The brief was to create a state-of-the-art research and educational establishment within the confines of the existing buildings.

Bill English

Huge job ahead to fix South Island roads

Tue 15 Nov 5

The government has a big job on its hands, warns an engineering expert.

Toni Collins: investigating whether law reform is required on commercial leases

Quake lease legal rights under scrutiny

Wed 19 Jun 1

Canterbury University partners with ASX-listed Navitas to lure foreign students

Tue 8 Jan 6

Lifting the international student population is "a key strategic development for the university this year".

Great word mysteries explored

Holiday Review

Bach or crib, movies or pictures, wagging or bunking – Canterbury University  expert looks at changing words.

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