Chris Cairns

Chris Cairns

READER POLL RESULT: Should Sky TV re-hire Chris Cairns?

Mon 18 Jan 11

With special feature audio: Bill Ralston on the former Black Cap's prospects.

Chris Cairns (TVNZ)

Cairns back on sticky legal wicket as Modi sues again

Thu 3 Dec 14

New case essentially accuses ex-NZ cricketer of perjury again, but requires lower standard of proof.

Chris Cairns (TV3)

Jury clears Cairns in perjury trial

Tue 1 Dec 10

The jury's majority verdict acquitted the former Black Cap cricketer after a nine-week trial.

Chris Cairns (TV3)

Mel Cairns defends husband in perjury trial

Fri 6 Nov

Mr Cairns has pleaded not guilty to a perjury charge, stemming from his 2012 libel trial in which he won £90,000 ($210,000) damages.

Chris Cairns (TVNZ)

Briefcase: Welcome to the Bar and other stories, Chris Cairns' legal star turn

Fri 9 Oct

What they're talking about in the legal world.

Chris Cairns (TVNZ)

High-profile cricketers called in to bat at Cairns perjury trial

Tue 6 Oct 2

Chris Cairns faces up to seven years' jail if the perjury charges stick.


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