Chris Heaslip

Pushpay CEO Chris Heaslip says the board is trying to address its lack of diversity. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Pushpay doubles annual revenue, narrows loss

Thu 17 May 2

What diversity? Pushpay's board says it will address its lack.

Pushpay chief executive Chris Heaslip expects ACMR and ARPC to steadily grow over the year.

Pushpay doubles annual revenue, break even looming

Wed 11 Apr 3

Pushpay meets annual targets, gives guidance for the next quarter.

Pushpay co-founder Chris Heaslip says this quarter's revenue dip is seasonal.

Pushpay to take its next step with caution

Wed 17 Jan 8

"Most start-ups don’t die from lack of opportunity, they die from too much opportunity," says CEO Chris Heaslip.

Pushpay founder Chris Heaslip says it is focussed on signing up bigger customers

Pushpay targets 10% of US annual giving as it moves forward US listing date

Thu 11 Jan 9

Seasonal effects mean billings are expected to dip this quarter. 

Chief executive Chris Heaslip said "Pushpay remains in a position to reach its targets of FY18 NZ GAAP revenue guidance of $US70 million"

Pushpay ACMR revenue doubles

Wed 11 Oct 3

Annualised committed monthly revenue rose to $67.5 million in the quarter ended September 30.


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