Christchurch quakes


Can dogs foretell earthquakes?

Mon 29 Feb 4

The dog only gets like this when there's going to be another earthquake.

GeoNet map showing the epicenter of the 3.32am quake

Quake wakes Christchurch

Mon 29 Feb

Christchurch residents were woken at 3.32am by a short sharp quake some said was proceeded by a roar "like a freight train".

April 2013: The downtown demolition job remains unfinished.

ERIC CRAMPTON: Oh Christchurch

Sun 21 Apr 14

It didn't have to be like this. The things that went wrong, and the things we still don't know:

Parker with artist Jason Ware

Chch Mayor unveils 'kinetic installation'

Wed 20 Feb 3

Some intellectual sustenance - or is that comic relief? - for the citizens of the quake-it city.

MSD, Microsoft bankroll quake-hit non-profits | A walk through the bombsite CBD (PHOTOS)

Thu 14 Feb 10

Advocates of open source software immediately suspicious. UPDATED: CBD photos

Ben Kepes

Post-earthquake, Christchurch landowners run roughshod over by the Crown

Tue 20 Nov 24

GUEST COMMENT: The co-owner of a demolished building says the Crown is offering him less than the market value of hs land.


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