Craig Foss

Statistics NZ minister Craig Foss

Statistics NZ delays June household labour force survey for two weeks

Fri 29 Jul

The official labour force statistics were due to be released next week.

On the money: China’s slump hurts South Korea

Fri 22 Apr

New Zealand’s sixth largest trading partner is a bellwether to the real state of the Chinese economy 

Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick

Uber 1, Taxi Federation 0

Fri 22 Apr 15

This time last year, police were hassling Uber drivers off the roads. With special feature audio: New Taxi Federation boss says rules have been "dumbed down", compromising driver safety. With special feature audio.

Associate Transport minister Craig Foss

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Should there be regulatory reform to enable Uber?

Thu 22 Jan

A majority of NBR member subscribers polled believe there should be regulatory reform to enable Uber.

Uber embraces regulatory review

Wed 21 Jan 8

"We look forward to working in consultation with the government as they clarify the regulations and deliver certainty to the industry."

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss

Foss orders review of regs restraining Uber

Tue 20 Jan 4

“We aim to ensure New Zealand’s regulatory environment is both fit for purpose and flexible enough to accommodate new technologies."


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